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The Magical Santa Experience

The magic of Christmas lasts all year, so why not mark one thing off your holiday checklist before the real hustle and bustle of Christmas takes over your life again this December. With the help of Judy Reinford Photography, your children’s wildest holiday dreams can soar for a day as they meet Jolly Old Saint Nick! Judy brings in a professional Santa Claus--with full satin sash and rosy red coat—who is simply bursting with joy to meet his most cherished fans. The Magical Santa Experience is a private, hour-long, interactive photo session for your children to remember for years to come and for you to have your festive photos ahead of schedule. More than an average photo shoot, the Santa Experience is designed to elicit natural excitement and awe from your children for Judy to capture an authentic Christmas memory.

We provide the script, but your children provide the wonder. The Santa Experience runs smoothly through a list of essential holiday motifs to generate natural interaction between Santa and the kids, but children always bring their own imagination and focus with them. There is always something unexpected to look forward too because every child plays out the story differently!

The Magical Santa Experience sessions will be held by reservation at Judy’s Banana Factory studio in Bethlehem, PA.

About The

As soon as you enter our Magical Santa Experience studio, the magical, nostalgic feeling of Christmas will overwhelm you.

You’ll sit back and watch your children experience the magic, love, hope and wonderment that Santa brings.  The Magical Santa Experience will fill you with laughter, joy and even tears while you’re here.   Our hand-finished art pieces will add a timeless appeal to the Magical Santa Experience.

Call us at 610-437-2738 to learn more about booking our one-of-a-kind experience

2019 Sessions
Saturday and Sundays - November 16, 17, 23, 24.  
Be sure to fill out an inquiry form to be sure you get a reservation. We will sell out this year.


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"This was an absolutely MAGICAL experience for our girls!"


The Story

Santa Sleeoping.jpg

Santa’s Sleeping

It seems St. Nick has dozed off at his workbench after a long day of building toys and nibbling on sugar plums, and it is up to your kids to wake him up! Wearing old-fashioned pajamas to set that classic holiday mood, they’ll sneak up on the snoring, jolly man and jiggle him awake. He will be delighted they did because he doesn’t want to miss their visit! Now Santa will take some time to get to know them: he’ll ask their names, how old they are, and their favorite Christmas memory. Of course, Santa already knows who they are, since he has been keeping tabs on them all year to see if they have made his list!

Nice List.jpg

Naughty or Nice

Kris Kringle has brought his famous list along with him to Bethlehem. Christmas is only a few weeks away, and he is always checking in on the young boys and girls around the world to keep it as up to date as possible. Santa will look up your children’s names on the list to see if they have been behaving themselves… and…it looks like they have made the cut! Don’t worry, Santa will still remind them to keep up the good work, and to always lend a helpful Christmas hand to their parents. Naturally, because they have made it onto his Nice List, Santa will ask the kids his trademark question: what would you like for Christmas? The Claus will assure them that they will love what they receive, and that their parents will get gifts too, if they make it onto the Nice List this year!

Santa and the globe.jpg

Santa’s Globe

As a man of the world, Father Christmas keeps a close eye on its goings-on using a globe he keeps in the corner of his workbench. On the days leading up to Christmas, he will use his cherished globe to plan the perfect route to visit the house of every child on the planet, but for now, it stands as a lovely reminder of the important work he does during the holiday season.  Santa will give your children the opportunity to show him where they live on the globe, and in return he will show them where his workshop is in the North Pole. He might even treat them to a tale of the beautiful snowfalls that bless his home!

santa magic bag.jpg

The Magic Bag

There is one very special item Santa needs to bring Christmas cheer, toys, and goodies to all the world’s children: his magic bag! Able to be filled with a near infinite number of presents, Santa’s bag is a remarkable bit of ruby-red fabric that has a history as old as Christmas itself, and it just so happens that Santa brought the prized possession with him to Bethlehem! He is all too happy to share its secrets with your children, just so long as they don’t try to pick out all the gifts hidden inside!

santa painting toys.jpg

Painting Toys

Now St. Nick has an important job for the kids. It seems his earlier nap prevented him from painting some of the toys he built, and he needs your children to help finish them! Santa will sit with them at his trusted workbench and take out his collection of extraordinary Christmas paints—reserved for only the best toys, of course. But what’s this? The colors are invisible? That’s because Santa hides his most precious paints from being seen until he imbues the finished toys with the spirit of Christmas! And there is one more surprise. The toys he paints with the kids are actually gifts for them to keep!

Santa milk and cookies.jpg

Milk and Cookies

Finishing up a perfect toy always puts Santa in the mood for a snack, and he’s in luck. Earlier that day, Mrs. Claus sent Blitzen on an urgent mission all the way to Bethlehem to deliver a tin of her husband’s favorite chocolate chip cookies. He will chuckle with joy as he shares the treats with your children in the tastiest yuletide tradition: washing down oven-fresh cookies with a cold glass of milk! Santa will begin the snack with a short prayer before passing out his wife’s cookies. Then he will lift his glass and propose a toast to his new friends and for a very merry Christmas this winter.

The Snow

With his hankering for cookies satisfied, Kris Kringle is ready to pull off another bit of magic for the kids. Even in a toasty room like his workshop, Santa can create snow at the snap of his fingers. He will let a light coating fall into the shop that the group can play with and toss about. It’s a fun way to work off those cookie calories!

santa decorating tree 2.jpg

Decorating the Tree

There is one final task Santa must ask of the kids before their time together comes to an end. As busy as he has been, there is a grand Christmas tree in his workshop he simply has not had the time to decorate. He has seen the spirit of the holidays sparkle in the eyes of your children, and he will ask if they would do him the honor of helping him transform his tree into a fireside masterpiece. Together they will dress the tree in ornaments while reminiscing about their time together and other memories of Christmases long past.

Santa googd bye.jpg

The Goodbye

Sadly, all great experiences must end at some point. Spending time with true believers of the magic of Christmas is Santa’s greatest joy in the world. Hugs and goodbyes will be exchanged, but no one will forget the picture-perfect memories they created in Santa’s workshop. Santa won’t be gone for long though, soon enough the snow will be falling, Christmas lights will be strung up and down every city street, and a tree of your very own will illuminate the place your children call home.

Memories For
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The Magic

Judy Reinford is a Certified Professional Photographer and leader in the photographic industry. Professional Photographers of America ( is the leading body for certifying imaging professionals. 

Judy Reinford, has been published in the prestigious Loan Collection Book, published by Marathon Press, multiple times.

Nominated for 2 Gia’s 2018, PPA’s grand Imaging Award.

PPA International Gold and Gold Photographer Of The Year 2018

PPA International Platinum and Gold Photographer Of The Year 2017

PPA International Gold and Silver Photographer Of The Year 2016

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